The Basics

Ivan Askwith is an independent consultant and producer, specializing in strategic planning and experience design for digital platforms. At present, he is acting as Associate Producer for the forthcoming feature film Veronica Mars, and was behind the record-breaking Kickstarter campaign that rallied over 90,000 fans to resurrect the canceled but beloved television series.

Before that, Ivan led the Digital Media division of Lucasfilm, providing creative and strategic oversight for a range of online, social and cross-platform initiatives supporting Star Wars. He also spent several years as the Director of Strategy at Big Spaceship, an award-winning digital agency in Brooklyn, NY, where he led projects for clients including Google, GE, Sony Pictures and NBC Universal.

Ivan was also a founding member and consulting advisor to MIT’s Convergence Culture Consortium, and now serves on the Executive Board for the Futures of Entertainment Conference. His interests focus on transmedia development, fan culture and cross-platform narratives. Ivan has written on audience behavior and franchise development, and appears as a frequent speaker at both academic and business conferences around the world, including ad:tech, CAT, Digital Hollywood, NAB, SXSW, RioContentMarket and more.

For more information, please view a full(er) CV on LinkedIn.